Congratulating Helen on Her Move to Assistant Manager

Congratulating Helen on Her Move to Assistant Manager

Team Revo Management Group is excited to highlight Helen and congratulate her on her promotion to assistant manager! Originally from Boston, Helen brings a unique skill set to the team. Throughout college, she studied neuroscience and then transitioned to business.

When not working hard on her Revo Management Group career, Helen loves to travel. She keeps pretty busy though; she has huge goals and is extremely ambitious. She’s a welcome addition to our leadership team, and we can’t wait to see what she accomplishes in her new role.

When someone as smart and driven as Helen joins our team, we know exactly what to do to help her or him achieve their potential. To start, we make sure to provide our people with a big-picture perspective. We do this by creating career maps for new hires that show them the steps they can take to move from entry level to management.

Also, our education program shares all the knowledge a person needs to thrive as a professional. Through one-to-one coaching, workshops, and other hands-on training methods we prepare our team members for success in both current and future roles.

These processes combined with Helen’s drive and can-do spirit have propelled her career forward. Follow Revo Management Group on Instagram to learn more about how we empower our team members to achieve their personal and professional potential.