Happy Thanksgiving, From Our Family to Yours

Happy Thanksgiving, From Our Family to Yours

We’re all about the food when it comes to Thanksgiving, but we are even more grateful for our families. Not only are we looking forward to seeing our relatives, but we’re excited about spending some holiday time with our Revo Management Group family as well.

Working in a fast-paced industry like customer acquisitions helps us form some pretty tight bonds. We’re working shoulder-to-shoulder, creating campaigns for telecom leaders while also mentoring new hires and seeking mentorship from other leaders in our industry. From day one with this team, we’re never alone; everything we do has the support of the team.

Revo Management Group gives back to the community throughout the year as well, and many of us plan on getting involved for Thanksgiving and Christmas too. The things we learn about ourselves and each other when we give our time and energy to toy drives, soup kitchens, and other worthy causes move us way beyond colleague status. We really know what makes one another tick, and we support each other in becoming the best version of ourselves.

Fun is part of the family atmosphere as well, with team nights and office contests keeping things light-hearted. Sibling rivalry isn’t always a bad thing; for us, it’s a way to encourage ourselves and one another to push a little harder to reach our goals.

So, from our family to yours, Happy Thanksgiving! Like Revo Management Group on Facebook to learn more about joining our supportive and inspiring team.