Looking Forward to Our International Travel Opportunity

Looking Forward to Our International Travel Opportunity

We’re proud to be part of an organization that makes travel a priority, and the trip we have coming up next is one of our most exciting of the year – a weekend in Cancun! Team Revo Management Group will be heading south of the border in October to enjoy tropical vistas from a resort hotel, recharging just in time for our busiest Q4 ever.

Along with the well-deserved rest, we’ll also get the chance to build our networks with other industry leaders from around the world. This isn’t the typical meet-and-greet though: we plan on doing most of our connecting while floating in one of several swimming pools at the resort, likely with a cold beverage in hand.

There will also be time to see some of the amazing sights in the area, and enjoy local culture. We plan on doing some serious eating while we’re there too, and during all of these adventures we’ll be building even stronger relationships with our colleagues. When we return from travel events like these, we’ve built Revo Management Group friendships that will last for years.

This Cancun trip may be one of the coolest journeys we take all year, but it’s far from the only one. We drive to other high-performing offices for cross-training, fly to regional and national conferences, and even go out together during the week to blow off some steam at a bowling alley or pizza joint. There’s no shortage of chances to get out of the office on this team.

We’ve been looking forward to our Cancun trip all year though, and it’s sure to live up to our expectations! Follow Revo Management Group on Instagram to see live content from the event.